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About Yerba Mate в Клубе Матэ

"MATE" is called tea by mistake, because it is made of large, leathery, gear leaves of an evergreen high tree Yerba Mate. They are gathered three times a year by cutting off the young branches and tying them together in brooms, which are then dried on fire.
After drying leaves are grinded and roasted again on a small fire until they become gold yellow and get a special delicate aroma.
You can drink it at any time of a day. Its energizing effect can be best felt in the morning during breakfast, or when you take Mate with milk instead of breakfast. This recipe can completely replace breakfast as it contains all the necessary substances for a human organism. Indians believed, that Mate possesses a magic power.
Mate Tea belongs to the most wholesome products. In hot water all contained substances turn into a colloidal solution, are balanced and are assimilated easily. It normalizes mineral and protein metabolism, removes bad minerals and heavy metals, accumulated in organism, helps to make up for a deficiency in vitamins, micro and macroelements, promotes restoring of energy potential and vitamin balance at a cellular level. When drinking hot infusion with "bombilla", minerals and vitamins are consumed in small portions. As a result, the assimilation of substances is several times more productive.
Mate is a freshening, tonic divine drink, which does not contain any drug-like or coffein-like ingridients. Drinking of Mate has no age limits.


У индейцев кечуа, современных потомков великих инков, традиция питья мате называется Каа-и-гуа (Caiguá) и у них это слово ассоциируется с выражением «голос гуарани». Если разложить его по составляющим, то получится, что Каа-и-гуа состоит из трех компонентов: «Каа» означает силу, заложенную в напитке, «и» — трансформацию или изменение, которое символизирует вода, а «гуа» — хранилище-калабасу в котором это изменение происходит. Индейцы говорят, что мате — это их «помощник в том, чтобы сохранить дух»