About Club.

Life is The Ritual

Being in contact with ideology of other culture can be compared with listening to the other language. It can show us another point of view, too. In fact, a person of 21st century is new to the very wisdom of Maya civilization, unexplored and unknowable. The thing is that even a small seed of this knowledge can grow into wisdom in a persons’ mind. After this it can come into reappearance of modern global values.

«Life is The Ritual, – as ancient Maya Indians told about it, – a long and slowly one, occurs in accordance with mystic rhythms and cycles».

Our role is to flow with the Life and to get pleasure from this process: dancing in the flow of time with rhythms of Universe with happiness and doing it goodly.

Unfortunately, our modern representation is very similar to tumbleweed, because we have no roots (which are forgotten), no present (which is shadowed without spiritual waymarks) and no future (as it can’t be realized by a human riding his desires on a pale horse of this material world).

By the way, life is merciful to its creations, small and huge springs of Spirit moving to One Whole, so it leaves bays of Happiness and Calmness on their way. One of these bays are known for you and it is called Club Mate – the only in our capital, known as a place “in no time and space”, and its practice is aimed to enclose spiritual and physical person’s potential.

You can feel the harmony of natural rhythm of Universe there. You will also hear that every person has his own music. You will hear it in tandem of your own music – and you will feel yourself being a creator of unrepeatable sacred melody with your friends or your sweetheart. Your souls will meet up…And you will feel yourself one whole with Ancestors, will remember their wisdom – and will become responsible for your future as well as grateful to your past. The sacred beverage of South-American Indians, Mate, will make your feelings stronger and will make it unforgettable. It will also restore your physical and mental resources, bringing the very taste of life and cognition back to you. You won’t find usual tables and chairs there, as well as servants in starched clothes. You also won’t smell anything from our kitchen – but you will be able to have a rest on our mats and pillows drinking the godlike beverage called mate. You will feel yourself like a true. You. Yourself. Our Club is created for those who value their own health and also want to join ancient cultures. Smoking and drinking alcohol is restricted there, but it is the only place to smell and taste real mate and cacao with all the rituals reconstructed from ancient books. Thanks to the rituals made by masters you can join the society of enlightened ones to soar on the Spirit’s will. There’s no time. No vanity. There’s brightness and freedom. There’s strength of mind…on the way to the true yourself.


На больших приемах с участием малознакомых людей каждому подается отдельная маленькая тыква с трубочкой. А в кругу семьи и близких друзей принято заваривать общий калабас. Кто-то один берет на себя функции заварщика мате — себадора, он же первый снимает пробу и, если качеством удовлетворен, передает тыкву по кругу. Себадор должен вовремя подливать в калабас воду. Он же решает, когда заварку пора менять.
Часто иностранцам манера потягивать напиток через общую бомбилью кажется негигиеничной, и они норовят прийти в гости со своей трубочкой. Но для аргентинцев этот обычай как никакой другой символизирует дружбу, теплоту и доверие. Так что индивидуальная "инициатива" может быть воспринята хозяином как обида.
Писатель Хулио Кортасар называл мате напитком "для тех, кто одинок и печален", но, несмотря на это, мате прекрасно пьется в компании.
Мате принято пить расслабленно и не торопясь, уделяя церемонии большое количество времени.
Пить мате в одиночестве — прекрасная возможность поразмышлять о своей жизни, лениво потягивая напиток и наблюдая, как лишние мысли уходят прочь. Однако матепитие в кругу — совсем другое дело. Здесь цель — не достижение медитативного состояния, а, скорее, объединение людей.